Grid City Rift is now updated with bug fixes, performance improvements, level rebalancing, and new tunes!

Jam was on his journey to deliver his debut album to a famous recording studio. On his way there, reality begins to fracture and creatures from a different dimension invade! Travel through three unique and funky levels with fantastic soundtracks on your journey to deliver Jam's tunes.

Grid City Rift is an ability-combo-based grid combat game based on One Step From Eden. The game contains three levels, three base enemies, four different player attacks, a boss, and a unique combo system to tie the combat together.

Made in 12 days for the SGDA Spring 2022 Game Jam!


Ian Guglielmi-White: Sound Effects and Music

Ian Percy: Subway and Alley Environment and Animation, Implementation, Shop, VFX, Cutscene Programming

Julian Gay:  Player Programming, UI Programming, Enemy AI Programming

Jarod Shelton: Enemy Programming, Player ability programming, Juice

Garrett Atwood: Character Modeling, Character Animation, Rigging,  Boss Environment, 2D Art

Shivesh Basu: Boss and Cutscene Music

Underground Font:

Some sounds acquired from Zapsplat:



Grid City Rift (Jam Build!) 48 MB
Grid City Rift (Updated Final Build!) 53 MB


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fun game

Glad you enjoyed!

I wasn't good enough to get very far, but I enjoyed what I played! The controls felt nicer than I initially thought. Loved the Jet Set Radio vibes with the music, sfx, and 3D assets. Great work overall!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed :)

Really fun concept! The music and overall atmosphere are fantastic. Great submission, guys :)

(1 edit)

Thank you!! Yours is great too!!